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Doggie High School Advanced training


These sessions are great way to continue your learning and training with your dog after completing Doggie Primary School Classes. 

These sessions are designed for owners to work with their dog around and amongst other like minded dog owners, who are all wanting to take their level of training to another level.   It will allow owners to work individually on whatever they wish in order to help them build a better trust, bond and relationship with their dog and become super valuable and fun to them.     If our dogs view us a being super important we are then more able to keep them engaged in more distracting environments, which is more like the 'real world' when you take your dog out and about.     

Owners may wish to work on many things - 'off lead heel' and obtaining a nice more reliable recall with controlled distractions.    They may also like to learn more about how to calm their over excited dog and have them listening to them.  Others might want to have some fun and learn how to shape various tricks, which can be fun for all the family to do !  

There really is no limit to what owners and dogs can achieve if they really wish to work together, learn and train.  

The classes are flexible so that owners can attend whenever it suits their schedule, so this means they can come to weekly sessions, maybe each fortnight or whatever works for them.   It will just require owners to book their spot each Sunday as there will be a maximum of 6 dogs in any one session.   This will enable me to help teach owners and assist them throughout each 1hr session. 


Things owners can work on but not limited to are - 



Classes are held weekly and are 1hr in duration.  

Taking bookings now :

Next Class:    Please contact Sonia on Ph:  0438 730 428 

Where:            Mount Moriac 

When:             Sundays 

Cost:                $25 per session 

Class sizes are limited to 6 dogs.

 For any enquiries or to make a booking please phone Sonia on  0438 730 428 or email me on sonia@all4paws.net.au

Please contact Sonia for more information