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About Me

Family Dogs - ALL 4 PAWS Geelong

Hi, my name is Sonia and I started my business  ALL 4 PAWS 13 years ago.  I live in Mt Moriac on 5 acres and have purpose built two amazing enclosed training fields and a lovely large shed that enables me to hold my classes in any weather. 

To say that I was a 'natural' dog trainer wouldn't be true, you could easily say that I fell into becoming a trainer.   The whole reason behind why I did stemmed from one of my own dogs, Lincoln, a golden retriever.  Having owned other dogs I thought I had a good understanding of how to handle dogs and get the best behaviour from them.  Lincoln, however, was a dog that was definitely more of a challenge for me.  It was because of these behavioural issues I was having to deal with which set me on the path of wanting to understand more about how to help him to become a well mannered dog; one that I enjoyed spending time with, enjoyed taking on walks and basically having a better behaved calm member of my family.  

Whilst searching for the information I was lacking to help Lincoln,  I became acutely aware that I had not been looking at the 'big picture'.   I had purely been concentrating on the presenting behavioural issue Lincoln had and not all the other little issues that were actually working against me.  I also became aware that there is definitely not just one particular way to train a dog.  It is always good to have various options and 'tools in your tool kit' to help you out.    

I feel that I am capable of helping so many other owners with their dogs because I was once in their position.   I had issues, I didnt paricularly like my dog at times, I had attended various classes with Lincoln and still felt that no one had given me the 'big picture' information.   It was definitely understanding that I needed to 'undo my dog and start again' that helped me reset things with my boy and start building a better relationship with him and doing so because I now had the knowledge to build a good foundation and keep building from it.  

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