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Juvenile Classes

We are big fans of Sonia's dog training style. After seeking her advice for 1-1 puppy consult, then attending puppy classes we knew we would follow up with Juvenile training for our Cavoodle, Hubert. It turned out that our dog was smarter than we thought and we needed lots of support to make sure we stayed one step ahead. We have learned much more than sit, drop and stay in juvenile training. At 4 months old, Hubert now has excellent doorway manners, can be still on a mat inside the house and waits until we give him a verbal cue to eat his food. We will definitely be signing up for Sonia's obedience classes when he is a little older.
Dan & Lyndal , Geelong West ,
Bella, a 7 month GSP and I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in Sonia's puppy socialisation classes and Juveniles classes and we look forward to progressing to some of the other classes available.

Sonia explained to me very early on that we had chosen a very excitable breed of dog, who would require us to be diligent in training Bella to get the results we were after. There have been some trying times with Bella, where I wold look at her and ask myself "how am I ever going to get you stationed on a mat and walking calmly on lead". We have achieved both of these things with the assistance of Sonia's training tips and gentle reminders that raising/training a puppy takes hard work and diligence and not to be disheartened when you have bad days.

Whilst Bella still has lots more learning to do, I am so thrilled with her behaviour and progress, with someone telling me "she is the most well behaved GSP puppy they have ever met" I thanked them but I have to admit that without Sonia's training classes Bella would not be anywhere near as well behaved as she is.

Thanks Sonia
S. Guthrie , Manifold Heights ,
Sonia's juvenile classes have provided me with useful guidance and strategies to help me train up my spirited, headstrong heeler pup. Class sizes are good and Sonia's delivery during class is firm but fair. I look forward to starting beginners class soon!
Lauren, Belmont,
The juvenile classes were great for our puppy Gus, it has really taught us the best way to handle our puppy and he has responded so well from the training.

I would recommend Sonia to new puppy owners as she keeps the classes simple and straightforward for everyone.
John and Amanda Kulczynski, Warralily,
Juvenile training with Sonia has been a real pleasure for us with your dog. Sonia doesn't beat around the bush and tell you what you want to hear, she gives honest and constructive advice that never fails towork. Juvenile classes gave us more knowledge on how our pups mind operates, as Sonia's lessons are consistent in applying the sample principles - she is fantastic. Sonia has been helping me get the confidence I need to have authority over my Rottweiler pup as he grows, and it's been great to have the support from the other dog owners. We have no doubts that we will progress through the ALL 4 PAWS training process as far as we can go. I have, and will continue to recommend Sonia as a fantastic puppy and dog trainer. We feel fortunate to have met her and are so proud of the wonderful dog that she has helped us to raise. Very much looking forward to progressing into beginners class with ALL 4 PAWS.
Kelsey & Aiden, Warralily,
I found the class once again very informative and has given me enough knowledge to understand the stage my puppy is at, at the moment. I have enjoyed the classes immensely and look forward to the next one - adult beginners.
Sally, Belmont,
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