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Private Lessons

PRIVATE  LESSONS  - (At Trainer's Property) 

These sessions are a great way to assist owners looking for help with their training needs.   They are ideal for those who might not be able to attend group classes regularly due to work commitments or due to other appointments that may clash with the class dates.     The owners are still able to learn and train their dogs through the class content via 1:1 sessions.    Sometimes, depending on the dog and their temperament, whether they may be a tad nervous and shy, or overly reactive and hard to get to focus and concentrate in a group setting, these sessions are a better way for those dogs to learn and achieve.  

The 1:1 sessions are also helpful for owners who might be experencing some difficullty in walking their dogs, whether that is due to pulling like a freight train on a lead,  perhaps showing signs of reactivity or, perhaps not seemingly wanting to walk on lead.   Often having a better understanding on how to help their dog, be it change of walking equipment, lead handling skills, or being shown different tips and techniques can assist owners with achieving a better walk.  

These sessions can also be helpful to just gain some extra knowledge and learn some practical hands on skills to assist the relationship between dog and their owner.  Some behavioural issues could be benefited and assisted by attending 1:1 sessions, however it may sometimes require further help and assistance via an at home behavioural consult, this would depend on what issues are needing to be addressed and worked on.  


Cost - 1hr session -     $  80.00
            1.5hr session - $ 110.00





Please contact Sonia for more information