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Directional Training

Having recently completed the All4Paws Doggie Primary I had begun to cement the handling techniques, the increased confidence with body language and issuing of commands - and was keen for my dog Tilly and I to broaden our skills, strengthen our bond and have some fun.

Directional Training sounded great and it was. The purpose built facilities and equipment at All4Paws are wonderful aids to training. Over the weekly sessions Sonia taught the foundations of Directional Training which built confidence and trust between Tilly and I but for the most part were just really enjoyable.

Now, with a single verbal or physical queue, Tilly can go ‘around’ or go ‘over’ anything I direct her to and have her return to me or release with a joyful ‘yes’ as I throw a ball. After the course ended I have added to the skill set in so many ways that reflect our family. As an example, I can direct her to go to a garden ‘pot’ as we were taught in the classes and she will wait with her paws on it while I hide in the garden before ‘yes!’ and she comes and finds me. Another example is when we are on our walks in the neighbourhood – at my command, Tilly will jump ‘over’ park benches or go ‘around’ poles. It is terrific fun with so much potential once these directional leadership fundamentals are in place.

The Directional Training course increased my confidence as an ever capable leader while honouring my dog’s intelligence.
Terri-Ann, Highton ,
I thoroughly enjoyed Sonia’s Directional Training Classes. When I commenced the classes with Bailey, my 1 yo Aussie Shepherd was easily distracted and had trouble focusing on me and commands. Mid-way through the classes I noticed a dramatic transformation in Bailey. His ability to focus had improved out of sight and I now had a dog that wanted work and was eager to please. While we still have lots of work to do, I have obtained the basic skills and knowledge from Sonia to continue working with Bailey at home. It was also very helpful that Sonia allowed us to take home the props used during training so we could continue to practice between sessions. Overall I highly recommend the directional training classes to help build the relationship you have with your dog.

Wendy & Bailey , Torquay ,
My GSP Hazel and I have been a part of Sonia's new directional training class which has been such an enlightening experience.

Up until this class I was very focused on the 'control' aspect of training. With directional training this is shifted more towards engagement and encouragement. The end result of this is about having fun together to achieve a series of tasks such as weaving around cones or send away box.

Both Hazel and I have so much to learn from each other, especially me as I learnt to make training fun and appreciate her cheeky nature and attitude.

Sonia always has a gift of making us feel supported to learn and work the dogs. I really look forward to finishing up this class and what new things I can always work on with Hazel.
Emily , Geelong West ,
I recently completed the All 4 Paws Directional training classes with Sonia and my dog Fred.

Fred, who is a very active wire haired Vissla, was very responsive to the training classes and the classes definitely increased his focus. With Sonia the classes are not only educational, they are also about fun and the enjoyment of working with your best furry friend.

Sonia is always very encouraging and I highly recommend the Directional Training classes.
Lesley, Lorne ,
Oh dear, my Siberian Husky puppy, Billie can be such a handful! She possesses all the typical husky traits: stubbornness, independence and strong-willed (and cuteness overload of course!)! The challenges are further compounded by the fact she is not food-driven!

Through the Direction classes, Sonia has worked with me to find different ways to excite and engage the pup. We continuously worked together to use a mixture of toys, body language, and occasional treats to maintain her interest. Sonia offered additional support through emails and texts.

At the end of the course, Billie can finally perform some tasks on request. Consequently, now I feel like I have the necessary skills and knowledge to continue to train her at home.

Thanks Sonia for your guidance!
Vince, Apollo Bay ,
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