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Doggy High School

DOGGY HIGH SCHOOL  – (Dogs 5.5 mths and older ) 

These classes are a great way to continue to work your dog at a time that you may be experiencing some challenging and unwanted behaviour from them.

Even if you have attended prior classes with your dog, it can sometimes be that once your dog has reached 6 months and older, they may not be listening to you anymore or listening as well as they did when they were younger.   Attending these classes can help re-establish some of the ‘rules’ that you may have lost with your dog, yet at the same time be a rewarding and fun way to spend time together.   Dogs generally love to work and learn but often we do not ask enough from our dogs, nor do we challenge them to be able to listen to us whilst working around the distractdion of other dogs/owners.   Classes can help you learn how to  get your dogs to be engaged with you whilst being around other dogs and still have them listening to you and what you are asking of them.  These classes are great for the younger dogs but also if you have a fully matured dog that has slipped backwards in ways and you wish to refresh things with them.   The class will also be helpful for people who have fostered or adopted an already mature dog and wish to help do some training as the dogs may have never had any in their life.  It is a good way to develop a working and respectful relationship between you and your new dog.

What is covered in an Doggy High School Classes :-


The inital class is held over 2hr and is only for the owners, no dogs required.   The remaining 6 classes are held weekly and each class is 1hr in duration.  

Taking bookings now :

Next Class:    Please contact Sonia on Ph:  0438 730 428 for date of next class 

Where:            Mount Moriac 

When:             Sundays 

Cost:                $180

To find out more about classes head on over to my Facebook page. 

Class sizes are limited to 6-8 dogs.  It is my aim to be able to provide more personal and individual attention to owners and their dogs throughout the classes. 

For any enquiries or to make a booking please phone Sonia on  0438 730 428 or email me on sonia@all4paws.net.au

Please contact Sonia for more information