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Dog Training - Level 2


Once owners have completed Level 1 dog training there is still plenty more to learn.   This class is about taking owner's knowledge, handling & training skills further.    Whilst Level 1 classes concentrated on impulse control, manners and calming dogs, Level 2 classes are more about helping you build and develop a stronger teamwork relationship with your dog.   

The class is about helping owners achieve a more reliable response from their dogs (ie when given a command) whilst being amongst other owners/dogs and distractions.   This is achieved by building a more engaged/focused relationship between owner and dog.   Each owner and dog will work at their own pace in some respect but ultimately, will be challenged to achieve more during each class.  

Lead handling skills will be further concentrated on to really help owners understand how to communicate with their dog when they are using a lead.   


What will be covered in Level 2 classes:


Dog Training  - Level 2  are held weekly over 5 weeks of 1 hour duration.  Dogs attend all classses. 

Where:              1460 Princes Highway, Mount Moriac 

When:               Saturday & Sundays.  (Check FB page) 

Cost:                 $230


For all enquires or to make a booking please phone Sonia on 0438 730 428 or email me on sonia@all4paws.com.au 

(minimum of 3 dogs required to run a class).



Please contact Sonia for more information