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Doggy primary school

Juvenile Dog Classes

DOGGY PRIMARY SCHOOL CLASSES --------- (16 weeks to 6 months)

These classes are designed to further develop your puppy's social skills as well as owners learning sound knowledge to help them better understand what their puppy's are now capable of achieving.  The help owners take their puppy kindy class training to the next level.  

Exercises focusing on calming your puppy down (mat training) and learning to have some impulse control, as well as teaching them to become more patient and be able to wait for certain things are covered in these classes.  Also covered is learning to handle your dog on lead to help them walk nicely.   

Whether your puppy has attended puppy school or not, taking them to a doggy primary school class is of great benefit to you and your dog's relationship by learning ways to gain a nice structure within the household and to raise a lovely mannered puppy into a happy and balanced dog.

Puppy Primary School Classes are held weekly over 4 weeks of 1 hour duration. 


Next class:        Please contact Sonia on Ph: 0438 730 428 for date of next class 

Where:              Mount Moriac 

When:               Sundays

Cost:                 $160


Please contact Sonia on 0438 730 428 for further information and/or to book your place for puppy primary school class.
(minimum of 3 puppies required to run a class).






Please contact Sonia for more information