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Polite Manners

Polite Manners class is great for those owners who may have missed attending puppy classes or, recently brought an adult dog into their home and are finding that they don't seem to have had any training and are exhibiting undesirable behaviours.   Another reason for attending Polite Manners class could be to simply refresh some skills and overall structure with your dog.  

Often dogs are very good at basic obedience but still have poor general manners.  These dogs often crowd your personal space, jump up on people, rush through doorways, take things off the kitchen bench, run about house being silly and overall seem to do what they want.   

If you feel that this is happening at your home then attending Polite Manners classes can help you address these issues and more ! 


The classes will cover the following :- 

Understanding pack strucutre;
Stationing on a mat;
Basic obedience sits, drops and stays (re-visited & refreshed)
Learning to wait at doorways and thresholds;
Waiting for food, leave it
Walking on a loose lead; and 
Learning to greet people and dogs nicely and more 


The Polite Manners classes are held weekly over 5 weeks for 1hr duration

Taking bookings now :

Next Class:    Please contact Sonia on Ph:  0438 730 428 for date of next class 

Where:            Mount Moriac 

When:             Sundays 

Cost:                $180

To find out more about classes head on over to my Facebook page. 

Class sizes are limited to 6-8 dogs.  It is my aim to be able to provide more personal and individual attention to owners and their dogs throughout the classes. 

For any enquiries or to make a booking please phone Sonia on  0438 730 428 or email me on sonia@all4paws.net.au









Please contact Sonia for more information