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Having troubles with your pooch, pulling you on your walks, or other behavioural issues ?

New puppy causing you confusion and headaches?

Want to socialise your new puppy and learn how to raise them into a well mannered dog?

Is your friend being mischievous at home and creating problems when you’re not there?

Does you dog seemingly show aggressive behaviours towards other dogs ? 



If you found yourself nodding your head and saying YES to any or maybe even all of these questions, then ALL 4 PAWS is the business you need!

I offer a professional dog training service for those people who are having difficulties with their dogs and wish to better understand them.     

Safety is of paramount importance whilst clients' pets are in my care and your peace of mind comes from the fact that I am fully insured.

Please contact Sonia for more information
Dog Training
Dog Training
Dog Classes
Dog Classes


My first knowledge of Sonia and ALL 4 PAWS was seeing her and David (Husband) walking along the river with multiple dogs between them. All walking so calmly. I was walking my super energised 5 month Schnoodle 'Missy'. She was a nightmare to walk pulling and leaping around much of the time. I stood and watched them pass by and a seed was planted. I realised I couldn't keep doing the same thing with Missy and expect miraculously to get a different result!

Within a few days I 'googled' ALL 4 PAWS, thanks for having it so clearly on your shirt Sonia!)

Having emailed Sonia she responded promptly and we arranged a 1-1 consult at our home.

structure, crating and stationing on a mat was a light bulb moment for my husband and I. We understood then that we were not 'Pack Leaders' and Missy was in control much of the time. In fact most of the time! Sonia was able to demonstrate simply to us how to put her education into action over a 2 hour consultation.

So, armed with this new insight (and written notes for those of us that forget) we committed to continuing what Sonia had taught us.

Sonia's follow up has been excellent and she is always able to help sort out our doubts and questions.

Missy and I have since gone on to do Beginners classes to continue our education. (Missy's and mine)

I can't recommend ALL 4 PAWS highly enough. My husband and I are more relaxed and on the same page. And, we now have a calmer and happier dog.

Thank you Sonia.
Anne Shute