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Having troubles with your pooch, pulling you on your walks, or other behavioural issues ?

New puppy causing you confusion and headaches?

Want to socialise your new puppy and learn how to raise them into a well mannered dog?

Is your friend being mischievous at home and creating problems when you’re not there?

Does you dog seemingly show aggressive behaviours towards other dogs ? 



If you found yourself nodding your head and saying YES to any or maybe even all of these questions, then ALL 4 PAWS is the business you need!

I offer a professional dog training service for those people who are having difficulties with their dogs and wish to better understand them.     

Safety is of paramount importance whilst clients' pets are in my care and your peace of mind comes from the fact that I am fully insured.

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Dog Training
Dog Training
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Dog Classes


We first met Sonia when our Maltese/Shihtzu (Molly) was 8 mths old. I wish I had of known about Sonia earlier. Molly was a very anxious girl. We had already attended several puppy classes at a local vet with no improvement in Molly's anxiety, it was actually getting worse. If we tried to take Molly for a walk she would become extremely anxious after only two houses, stop and fight to get home. She was visibly distressed. We were also having trouble managing Molly's behavior at home, she had the run of the house which I was not comfortable with, which meant she was spending most of her time outside. This resulted in Molly not joining our family unit as we had hoped.

After our behavioral consult with Sonia things immediately improved, starting from that evening. She taught us how to be a pack leader, what was exacerbating Molly's anxiety, and provided us with the knowledge of how routine will calm Molly's behavior.

From night one Molly was stationing on a mat with the kids playing around her. She could now be involved as part of the family. We can now go on walks around the entire block with Molly walking on the lead beside us, no pulling or fighting to get home.

Sonia was available after the consult to contact with any queries to make sure we were continuing on the right path, or fine tune any of our skills. She taught us the techniques we needed to have a happy, calm dog who can now participate in our family life.

Thank you Sonia
Wandana Heights