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Having troubles with your pooch, pulling you on your walks, or other behavioural issues ?

New puppy causing you confusion and headaches?

Want to socialise your new puppy and learn how to raise them into a well mannered dog?

Is your friend being mischievous at home and creating problems when you’re not there?

Does you dog seemingly show aggressive behaviours towards other dogs ? 



Coming soon!!!!


ALL 4 PAWS - is excited to announce that there will be a new class commencing early March 2022.


This class will be an awesome way to work closely with your dog helping them to do several tasks/activities 

The class will require great teamwork whilst also providing a fun way to work with your dog.


More information on start date soon !!!



If you found yourself nodding your head and saying YES to any or maybe even all of these questions, then ALL 4 PAWS is the business you need!

I offer a professional dog training service for those people who are having difficulties with their dogs and wish to better understand them.     

Safety is of paramount importance whilst clients' pets are in my care and your peace of mind comes from the fact that I am fully insured.

Please contact Sonia for more information
Dog Training
Dog Training
Dog Classes
Dog Classes


We were trained by Sonia from ALL 4 PAWS about 3 weeks ago and we are a much happier and contented family now.

We have two small dogs: dachshunds and they are now 15 months old. They are much loved and were disciplined but incorrectly and as a result were very naughty. They loved to chew which is ok if outside and a have a stick or bone but not our furniture. They barked a lot which was causing us and no doubt our neighbours grief and walking them was a marathon effort and a major chore.

We researched dog training and hoped to get some help in reducing barking and instructions for walking our pups to the enjoyment of all.

So intro Sonia into ours and Harriet and Oscar’s lives. Positive, strong, determined and friendly.

Sonia spoke of her experiences and her skills and knowledge of dogs and their behaviours which she has gained over the years and all her instruction and explanations were backed by good insight and knowledge of dogs’ and their behaviour. We then understood why Harriet and Oscar were doing what they did, they weren’t really naughty but just trying to lead the pack – us.

Our dogs are now crated at night, have mats to go to when in the house and do not have the run of the house. They also have a penned area out the back which reduces the large back yard that they were trying to patrol. And walking is a pleasure and they look very cute when walking neatly and calmly by our sides.

They still get up on the couch with us but only when we ask them to and they still come up on our bed in the morning only when we ask them to. They still try to push the boundaries sometimes but we just reinforce what we have been taught.

Our life, and more importantly, our dog’s lives are much calmer and more settled and we are enjoying each other’s company so much more.

I have already recommended ALL 4 PAWS to some friends and colleagues and do so here to anyone out there who has a dog and is having difficulty with unwanted and challenging behaviours.

Sonia will help you, no, train you and you will teach your dog the right behaviour.

Of course you need to listen and to practice and maintain the boundaries you have implemented through Sonia’s tuition. And your behaviour management techniques need to be implemented and consistent with all members of the family.

Thank you Sonia, it was lovely to meet you and hope your business continues to thrive and the people you train are able to see the benefits of the skills, knowledge and wisdom you bring with you and share with them in the development of an improved relationship with their dogs.
Hiliary & Geraldine
St Leonards