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Doggie Primary School Classes

Doggie Primary School with Sonia was a great way for us to train our seven month old pup in a higher distraction but controlled environment, and to gradually work on her fear of other dogs.

Over the six weeks, her impulse control, as well as her behaviour around other dogs improved dramatically, and it was the perfect step to help us transition from mostly training at home, to training at the park.

Sonia’s ongoing support both in class and at all hours of the day was invaluable as we tackled tricky behaviours.

Thanks again for all of your support,
Ella & Jarrah , Inverleigh / Melbourne ,
We completed Doggie Primary School classes with Sonia and I would highly recommend attending. I attended with my Labrador 16 month old who I had recently adopted, he would bark when meeting dogs now he is calm and under control when out in public and we now receive compliments about his behaviour! I’m looking forward now to attending the Obstacle/Walking classes”

We are very happy with Archie’s progress since we’ve had him and attended your classes, he certainly has come a long way! However, there has been a few signs of aggression/dominance towards us, growling/barking/standing his ground but only in certain situations, he definitely ruled the roost at his last home so not sure if he’s testing us or if it something that may get worse. We may need a consult from you, is there a good time I can call you for a chat?

Julia , Modewarre ,
Please contact Sonia for more information