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Puppy Kinder Classes

We cannot recommend Sonia highly enough!

Having not had a puppy since childhood, we organised a puppy consult for the day we got home with our 8 week old labrador Frankie and it was without a doubt the best thing we did. We also took her advice to crate train Frankie.

Sonia was instrumental in helping us set up the crate and put systems in place to make the whole process of training Frankie easy and fun for all of us. We then took Frankie to both puppy classes and doggie primary school and honestly I can't believe how fantastic and calm she is. She sleeps beautifully in her crate overnight since that first day and we've never had any accidents in the house.

If you're looking for someone to help you get the most out of your dog and build the foundations for a wonderfully calm dog then Sonia is the person to talk to!

Nat , North Geelong ,
After doing a 1-1 consult with Sonia, I knew I wanted to take my puppy to her classes.

Sonia ran the classes so smoothly! She coordinates which pups should be in the same class, and when to put each pup in to play with the others. She also made sure to explain it all as she went, teaching us about the behaviours and interactions of the dogs.

Laika was a very shy puppy to begin with, so I was a bit worried about how she would go with the socialisation sessions, but she ended up loving the play time of these classes!

There is also time in the classes for basic training, which was invaluable to be doing in the group setting with Sonia there to guide us and set us up success at home.
Cassidy, Diggers Rest ,
After having a 2hr puppy consult with Sonia it was decided that socialisation and basic training was needed for my border collie.

Sonia was very accommodating even though my puppy was a little bit older than the usual cohort.

The classes were great, it enabled for socialisation in a supervised and safe environment with temperament matched puppies.

The puppy classes also included time for some basic training and engagement techniques. These sessions were filled with so much great advice and I learnt a lot.

On top of the classes, Sonia would frequently message checking to see if everything was going well and if I had any questions or queries.

The whole experience was wonderful and I couldn't recommend Sonia enough for puppy socialisation and training.
Meaghan & Odie , Torquay ,
At the puppy classes, Archie socialised well with all sorts of different dogs, some small, some largel, there was no need to worry about the size of the other dogs as Sonia knew exactly which ones would play well together, he had so much fun and became very confident and the size of the dogs didn't matter to him !

We learnt how to engage and release, sit and wait for his treats, drops and walk him on a loose lead.

Archie is a very excitable Jack Russell and he has now benefited greatly with one on one classes.

We are looking forward to his next stage of learning. If you are looking for someone to teach your dog and 'you', look no further I'm sure you will be happy with the professional care that Sonia offers, she has tremendous depth of knowledge and teaches so much more than sit, stay etc, she educates owners about dogs and proper dog ownership, she has a way with dogs (Archie loves her) she is very caring, compassionate and very structured, no question is too silly and the follow up from Sonia is amazing ! and Sonia's own dogs are so well trained and extremely patient with all these pups/dogs that come along !

I can't thank Sonia enough.
Bernadette & Archie (Jack Russell) , Skipton ,
Sonia's puppy classes were fabulous. Not only did our puppy get to socialise in a safe environment (pre final vaccinations) but as owners we were all coached on how to address issues we were having and learned from each other. Sonia truly loves dogs so much and followed up with personalised text messages to see how we were all going during the week. My goodness, that was brilliant because we were often dealing with an issue between classes and just didn't know what to do.
Lyndal & Dan , Geelong West ,
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